General Information

Figure 1 shows a two-lane rod reinforced concrete tied-arch bridge that is used by not heavy vehicles.

Reinforced concrete tied-arch bridge.
Reinforced concrete  ted-arch bridge over a river.
Number of spans 4
Main span ≅ 33 m
Arch rise ≅ 4 m
Deck width ≅ 5 m

Deck Corrosion

Figure 2 shows a main span sector viewed from below.

Main span.
Bridge deck viewed from below

Detail 1 is shown in figure 3.

Detail 1 (tie).
Reinforced concrete tie with a corroded rebar

Severe corrosion on a longitudinal tie rebar is noticeable. Figure 4 shows a further corroded deck sector.

Reinforced concrete deck.
Reinforced concrete deck with corroded rebars

Detail 2 is shown in figure 5.

Detail 2.
Reinforced concrete deck with corroded rebars
  • What is the effective steel rebar cross-section of the ties and the deck?
    What are some possible methods to assess the corrosion state of the steel reinforcement?
  • Sidewalks

    Figure 6 shows a sidewalk sector.

    Sidewalk of a tied-arch bridge

    The sidewalk is connected to the suspenders by a steel frame, as shown in the schematic partial three-dimensional views in figure 7.

    Three-dimensional views.
    Back view Front view
    Three dimensional drawings of a steel frame that connects a reinforced concrete suspender

    The steel frame consists of two Z-units made of U-profiles and two plates. Figure 8 shows a bottom view of the sidewalk.

    Sidewalk of a tied-arch bridge viewed from below
  • Due to the steel frame, what types of stresses are introduced in the suspenders?