General Information

Figure 1 shows a two-lane road beam bridge.

Beam bridge.
Beam bridge with wall piers over a river
Main span ≅ 20 m
Girder Prestressed concrete beam

Steel Structure

Figure 2 shows a main span sector viewed from below.

Main span.
Main span of a beam bridge with prestressed concrete beams and a steel structure

The steel structure consists mainly of two equal members (A and B) and a rod. Members A and B are connected to the external prestressed concrete beams, and the rod connects the members. The steel structures are placed along the spans as shown in figure 3.

Steel structures layout.
Steel structures layout of a beam bridge
  • What are some possible reasons for using the above shown steel structures?
  • Figure 4 shows a steel structure without rod connection.

    Missing rod connection.
    Prestressed concrete beams with a failed steel structure
  • Does the bridge have a structural safety or serviceability problem with a steel structure without a rod connection?
    Without all steel structures?