General Information

Figure 1 shows a steel canopy roof.

Canopy roof.
Steel canopy roof

Structural Concept

Figure 2 shows a schematic layout of a roof sector.

Steel structure layout of a canopy roof

The steel structure consists mainly of front columns, transverse trusses, purlins, and metal roofing sheets. The width b ≅ 3 m. Figure 3 shows a roof sector viewed from below.

Canopy roof.
Canopy roof trusses with overhanging bottom chords

Each transverse truss has an overhanging bottom chord (yellow dashed lines), which is connected to a front purlin or a front column. The front purlins are connected to the ground slab via the front columns. Fgure 4 shows a front column to ground slab connection.

Front column to ground slab connection.
Column base plate with an overhanging sector

The connection consists of a base plate and two anchor bolts; the base plate cantilevers from the ground slab.

  • How efficient is the structural concept?