General Information

Figure 1 shows a pedestrian hybrid cable-stayed suspension bridge.

Pedestrian hybrid cable-stayed suspension bridge.
Pedestrian hybrid cable-stayed suspension bridge over a river.
Type Three-span hybrid cable-stayed suspension bridge
Main span ≅ 140 m
Deck width ≅ 2 m
Pylon Reinforced concrete (H-shaped) with two cantilever lateral beams
Girder Steel truss girder
Stay cable arrangement Single (two cable planes)

Stay and Lateral Cables

Figure 2 shows a schematic partial three-dimensional view of a bridge sector on one shore.

Three-dimensional view.
Three dimensional drawing of a pedestrian hybrid cable-stayed suspension bridge sector.

The bridge has two stay and two lateral cables per shore. They are connected to the anchorage, the pylon, and the truss girder of the main span. The stay cables are connected to the pylon's mid-height horizontal braces; the lateral cables, to the cantilever lateral beams. The connection position between stay cables and truss girder, as well as lateral cables and truss girder, is located about a quarter of the main span. A pylon and a main span connection region are shown in figures 3 and 4, respectively.

Pylon connection region.
Pylon region with marked main cables, stay cables, and lateral cables.
Main span truss girder connection region.
Connection between cables (stay, lateral and hanger) and main span truss girder.
  • What are some possible reasons for using the above shown stay and lateral cables system?
  • Main and Stay Cables Arrangement

    Figure 5 shows a pylon viewed from the front.

    Main and stay cables connected to the pylon horizontal braces.

    Main and stay cables are placed on the horizontal braces.

  • How does the above shown cable arrangement affect the pylon design?
  • Steel Truss Girder

    Figure 6 shows a side view of a truss girder sector.

    Truss girder.
    Web stiffened U-profile connected to the bottom chord.

    The truss height h ≅ 0.4 m, and the bottom chords are also connected to web stiffened U-profiles— height ≅ 0.2 m. The bottom chord to web stiffened U-profile connection consists of short cantilevered L-profiles, as shown in figure 7.

    Bottom chord to web stiffened U-profile connection.
    Connection between bottom chord and web stiffened U-profile.
  • What is the structural purpose of the web stiffened U-profiles?