General Information

Figure 1 shows a garage.

Covered parking

Structural Concept

Figure 2 shows the garage.

Covered parking with a knee braced truss

The steel structure consists mainly of columns, a knee-braced truss, trusses, beams, purlins, and metal roofing sheets. Figure 3 shows a schematic layout of the steel structure.

Covered parking layout

The cantilever arm (of the knee-braced truss) a ≅ 2.5 m, the span b ≅ 8 m, the span c ≅ 5.5 m, and the span l ≅ 9 m. Figure 4 shows an enlarged view of the knee-braced truss region.

Knee-braced truss.
Knee braced truss region

The knee-braced truss height h increases linearly as the cantilever arm a increases. The upper chord, the longest vertical, as well as the column consist of circular hollow profiles; the remaining truss members, of rectangular hollow profiles.

  • How efficient is the structural concept?
    How much load can be transferred from the trusses to the column by the knee-braced truss?