General Information

Figure 1 shows a covered sports tribune.

Covered sports tribune.
Covered sports tribune made of steel trusses

The roof structure consists of steel trusses, fly bracing, roof bracing, purlins, and metal roofing sheets.

Fly Bracing

Figure 2 shows a schematic partial cross-section of the covered tribune.

Cross-section of a covered sports tribune

The truss consists of a front, a back, and a suspension unit; the truss members are made of circular hollow profiles. The front unit length l ≅ 14 m, and the truss spacing ≅ 8 m. Figure 3 shows a bottom view of a roof sector.

Covered sports tribune
Steel roof of a covered sports tribune

The fly braces are made of lipped channels; they are placed along the front and back units and are connected to the bottom chords and purlins by bolted gusset plates, as shown in figure 4.

Fly bracing
Fly bracing system of a covered sports tribune
  • Do the trusses have a structural safety or serviceability problem without the fly braces?