General Information

Figure 1 shows a covered sports tribune.

Covered sports tribune.
Covered sports tribune

The steel structure consists of transverse trusses, front trusses, tie trusses, tie beams, columns, purlins, and metal roofing sheets. All mentioned structural elements (except for the sheets) are made of circular hollow sections, and the transverse truss spacing a ≅ 5 m.

Efficient Structural Concept

Figure 2 shows a roof structure sector.

Steel roof structure.
Steel roof structure of a covered sports tribune

The transverse trusses are tapered-curved shaped; they are supported by the RC columns, steel columns, and the front trusses (2a and 2b); the latter are supported by the steel columns. The transverse trusses have an overhang that consists of two circular hollow sections placed one over the other. The distance s ≅ 10 m (RC column to the free end of the transverse trusses). Front truss type (2a) has a constant height, while type (2b) is tapered. Tie truss (1) is placed over the RC columns, tie truss (2) at about S/2, and tie beam (3) in the overhang region. Video 1 shows a fly view of the roof structure (schematically drawn).

Video 1. Roof structure (fly view).

A roof structure variant is shown in video 2.

Video 2. Roof structure variant.

The roof structure consists of back-braced cantilever beams, two tie beams, purlins, and metal roofing sheets (not drawn). The back braces are made of circular hollow sections, while the beams and purlins are made of I and C sections.

  • Which is the roof structure that probably uses resources more efficiently?