General Information

Figure 1 shows a pedestrian suspension bridge.

Pedestrian suspension bridge.
Pedestrian suspension bridge over a river
Type Three-span suspension bridge
Main span ≅ 160 m
Deck width ≅ 1.5 m
Deck width to main span ratio ≅ 1:106
Pylon Reinforced concrete (H-shaped)
Girder Steel truss

Gusset Plates

Figure 2 shows a side view of a main span sector.

Main span.
Truss with gusset plates

The truss members consist of L-profiles that are connected by welded gusset plates. Figure 3 shows an upper truss node viewed from the back.

Upper truss node.
Truss with gusset plates

The gusset plate length l ≅ 80 cm, and the thickness ≅ 1 cm.

  • Are the used gusset plates dimensions required for structural reasons?
  • Hanger Cable to Truss Connection

    Figure 4 shows a hanger cable to truss connection viewed from the front.

    Hanger cable to truss connection.
    Hanger cable to truss connection

    The hanger cable is connected to the gusset plate and the upper chord by a steel unit and two bolts-nuts. The steel unit consists of three welded plates, as shown in figure 5.

    Steel unit.
    Steel unit of a hanger cable to truss connection

    Plates 1 and 2 are placed perpendicular to each other; plate 3 is inclined at an angle α.

  • What are some possible structural reasons for the used steel unit geometry?
    Would a steel unit with a single vertical plate create a structural safety or serviceability problem?