General Information

Figure 1 shows a multi-span pedestrian suspension bridge with four central spans.

Multi-span pedestrian suspension bridge.
Multi span pedestrian suspension bridge over a river
Type Multi-span suspension bridge
Main span ≅ 110 m
Deck width ≅ 2.5 m
Deck width to main span ratio ≅ 1:44
Pylon Reinforced concrete (H-shaped)
Girder Steel transverse beam

Main Cable Curve

Figure 2 shows a side view of two central spans.

Central spans (spans 2 and 3).
Central spans pylons with different heights

Pylon A is taller than pylon B, and the central spans are equal. Figure 3 shows a side view of central span 3.

Central span 3.
Asymmetric main cable curve of a multi span pedestrian suspension bridge

Due to the different pylons heights, the main cable curve is asymmetric.

  • What are the main structural differences between pylon A and pylon B?